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"Simplicity is the sign of perfection"

Favourite Cakes

trumb1aChoux Mignons

Here is unique choux fans ! Ťƕε cute little choux

trumb2aSpanish Orange

Refreshing our day with healthy orange blend

trumb3aTroca Quiche

We have discovered the secret to the perfect Quiche

Order By Phone

All you need to do is give us a call and the cake will be delivered to your place. Kindly place your orders 2 days (48 hours) in advance. Please contact us for more details on collection and delivery.

Phone :  (021) 7888 2226, 7888 2227(021) 727 0070, 7889 1999
Fax :     (021) 7888 0120


Diabetic Cakes Are Available

“Our diet cake recipes will please your mood and your blood glucose. From rich ~ diet chocolate cake to great coffee taste, you can have them without any limitations :)”

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